69 Nova Updates

     I'm finding simply building very enjoyable. There is no rush to ready for a race deadline. Not
wasting money tossing together cars to run theme classes for styles I didn't really care for. Those jobs
were just another bad four letter word-work. Drudgery actually. I dreaded week four when the next
theme was selected hoping the vote would encompass at least one car I already had built.

     Well kids, I didn't get the hight I had hoped for but at lest the stance says it would be possible to
build the real deal this way. Especially a Pro Street build. Looks a ton more believable than the one it
replaces. Don't get me wrong, I loved that green car. Builder did a  solid on it.

     Anyway, body is pinned and perfectly so if I do say so myself. Whatever will we do about a wheelie
assembly? Time enough to sort that out later.

     Time to finish detailing the body mounts so it can be freed up for it's own tasks.

      I promised some photo's of the chassis. I expect a close up of the front body and axle mounts
were the points of interest you wished to see.

      Below the tail shot. Those are 1.135 X .535 donuts. There are .125" in spacers on each side and
as one can see allot of room left in all directions. There's room for tubs in there!!!