Scrap bins will get full and projects will go unfinished. Not to a lack of follow through but because of a great
deal of follow through. Not every idea needs track testing. Not every part of the car is dyno tuned. There is still
plenty of 'cut and try'. Experiments in construction. Experiments of strength or suitability of a material for a
particular purpose. How to make this fit that.

     What looks right today may not on a nights sleep OR you simply see a better way to skin that cat.

     About where this dragster is at presently is deciding on the front wing. I like the layout and it seems strong
enough but I am wondering about  two critical shapes. Both require removal. Not a big deal in
itself but I don't have the 'other' solidly in mind. Thus the pause.

     Or perhaps I put this in my pocket for now and move on to another area of the car. There are other issues to
work out or work on.

     There is a difference between 'analysis to paralysis' and being silly enough to send something down track you
know isn't quite there yet. Worse yet if you know why.