Get it Straight!

      SVO body on the left was not cut for this legal modification.

      LX body on the right was not cut for this illegal modification.

      SVO was ejected by "VOTE" 2 to 1.

I was denied being heard on protesting the LX by a simple "I disagree" by a single
voting member. No vote. Just no. Can't be heard, won't bring it to a vote. You can't
protest me because I don't agree. WHAT?

 LX Illegal modification was voted, in hast I might add, legal by an instant on the
spot "rules change"
3 to 0. WHICH I BROUGHT UP. (my concession to peace) Which
would not have been needed if the car(s) were already legal!!! They
ONLY voted for it knowing the LX
was illegal or there would not
have been a vote.

I agreed to comply with the first vote and bought a new car on the spot from Larry
and approved by Mike
to be entered the very next week. This was agreed upon by
It was also agreed upon by EVERYONE that there would be no further
I would race untested against another Dennis built car. Barrel.

The car end of this episode was now complete and all
terms agreed to.

      I write to
you readers the "why" of the cars replacement and withdrawal from that
evenings match which was much advertised I felt owed.

After receiving and exchanging few nasty e-mails it was asserted that I needed
, in advance, for this action about my car on my site. I was told  to say;
"tell them you cheated and got caught" (Larry's words, not mine) and to continue on
without any further ado.

 I refused to LIE or print a retraction and was THEN ejected from
Penrose Raceway.


                               So...I was not bounced for an illegal car.

I was bounced for not LYING.


Thats a good thing!!!
Veni Vidi Vici