Would a Puppy Powered Bug even need a wheelie bar? Could such a car make laps down a strip and putter around a road track
as well?


    What would you believe to be a good sign of sufficient flux for any given wind? I've given you that indicator with almost every motor
The Motor Shop has ever done. What thing(s) could cloud that sign? Making it hard to determine that is.


            Commutation. Flux. Friction. Repeat. Commutation. Flux. Friction. Repeat. Commutation. Flux. Friction. Repeat.


    Met my very first real live narcissist this week past. Clinically diagnosed whack job. Never understood how irrational these types
are. There is no reasoning with them. Their narcissism makes it so. Seems you can't be both. Rational and narcissistic that is. You
can be stubborn and/or convinced and even conceited and yet rational and reasonable. But you can't be narcissistic and reasonable.
They look and seem very much the same at first...until you realize they are arguing both black and white to be the same color; if that
argument fulfills their present need. They can spin language and science and math and psychology and philosophy around a cotton
candy spindle. Sounds right to them and yet to the informed onlooker...well...not so much. Just looks ignorant. To the ignorant they
seem gods. The test is simple. Can they be convinced by a reasonable argument which contains clear presentation of accurate facts.
If not. Narcissist. If so. Jerk.

    Anyway, it was an experience. Makes your head hurt in the same way a five year olds second hour of clarinet lessons do.  


      Same stock Hawk wind.
You've seen this graph before.
All three variations turned within
a hundred rpm of each other.

    All I did was increase
gap flux
with magnet. Same
air gap all.

    Watts vs Time Scaling.

    Increased OUTPUT for
the same peak rpm AT the
same INPUT in a shorter time
period is CALLED WHAT?  

    The very best motors I've
ever seen or built were all over
40% efficient. A stock early
Falcon is over 40% efficient if it
gets a proper break in (for different reasons).This stock Hawk 65/30 motor in final trim was over 40%. The KMR 25/25 was right at
38/40%. These motors are also quite rare. What isn't rare are Pro Built motors over 36%. What is common as the dirt you stand on are
15-25% factory built motors with fancy names. Big Block 20. Spec 20. Boss 490. Infinity. Most non-Neo Open motors hotter than 64.

    No matter how many times I've put this chart up or ones like it from the voluminous number of motors I've built. How many cars I
built and successfully tested and shared the results with
that gave reasonable argument which contained a clear presentation of
accurate facts
; we (as a whole) still believe that tighter gaps and hotter magnets always result in motors with more torque and less

     Proof doesn't matter to a narcissist. Doesn't matter to a hater either. Only matters to those trying to improve the experience.

     Sadly, those have become too few to spend every waking moment on. It's just habit now that keeps this keyboard warm.