Body mount day.

  Millimeters. Took some material off the back of the headlight buckets using a ball bearing and micrometer
to prevent filing too much away. This allowed the chassis to slide further forward but not enough. Narrowing
the front pin tube a hair allowed more vertical movement to a wider area of the front fender curl and got it
closer. A small amount of tire profiling. Just broke the edge. Looks more like a real tire. Took a bit off the
rear mount ears so it didn't have to go so far forward but still into the fender lip.  Took some material out of
the inner fender panel lips and there you go. Gas tight with enough room for expansion to 60 mph. More
than enough.

  Back to installing glass.


    Needing some time killers to keep the work at pace I spent some time the last few days cleaning up a
Cobra body of mold lines and small imperfections. Removed badges from front fenders, nose and trunk lid
as well as some odd rivets that make buffing paint a pain.

    Three coats of Tamiya fine gray primer followed. Quick 1000 knock back and now on the second mist
coat of GM Crimson Red. Heated can. 20 minutes between coats.

     This is the Monogram Kit 2994. Essex Wire Road car. It is no light weight and I spent no time lightening
the body. I did spend some time in repairs. This is one of those kits with an injection void and right on top in
the hood. We will see how good my body work is, eh?

     Currently it's job is to keep me from rushing the Nova.


       Three mist coat of color then two wet and now she to sits until Wednesday. Four day gas off.

Kahale & Martin