SVO Aero Progression

       Current best pass .4060 @ 67.34 MPH, .087 short and looking for a .3**.

       Nothing more than the factory lip in the deck lid...58.65 MPH
       Prostock style wing with sills and 1/16" Gurney....64.02 MPH ( + 5.37 MPH)
       2" x .600" x .010" Lexan AA style wing...........67.34 MPH ( + 3.63 MPH)

       A dead 9 MPH added by wing. Rear wing added speed and nose treatment added
a large amount  of stability and consistency. Also a .0300 ET reduction.

       This one is 2" x .450" X .015". Both are laid back 45* initially.

       Only aero change for the week. Will make a 2 tooth spur and 1 tooth pinion in
opposite directions to shorten the roll out distance a half step. Room is forcing the
two gear change.

       Motor rebuild, simple and neat, no changes planned. New armature has been

       Let's see how deep "Deep Pockets" pockets are? He's holding up the wax works.

       Here kitty, kitty, kitty!