Kahale & Martin Research

This is what an illegal Outlaw Street Probe nose looks like. Not a Cowcatcher mind you but a nice 70's style Mustang
sculpted spoiler.

       In the ORIGINAL rules cars that had a "splash pan" or "fascia" below the bumper that extended back from the nose
that limited space for OR prevented installation of a front body mount ahead of the front wheel well opening were permitted
to remove that material to allow for mounting the body forward and axle horizontal and give guide space as long as it was
not removed so far as to encroach on the vertical panels. In other words from street level it would not look as if anything had
been removed and the guide remained under the car.

       It is also legal to ADD front air control in the form of a "factory like" spoiler or airdamn/splitter combination.  
Thunderbird may come to mind and in fact was the "Deep Pockets" car in question when these rules were first made up.
       Anyway, at that time there was no mention of the degree of rake in that airdamn/splitter nor was there a height
restriction. That is a rule that said it had to start below the lower bumper cover line. The Cowcatcher the result of those rules
was declared illegal. It was above the bumper and all the sudden a bumper and fascia were considered "body" even when
not molded to the body.

       My first reply (not public tying, to keep it in house and friendly) was to build this Probe. The lower bumper and valence
were glued on which in this kit are separate then the splash pan cut back to the vertical line...which in this car is open save
five or so thin vertical bars hanging in the breeze that would support nothing. All legal. Now, I could have simply added an
illegal "bill board" such as the other Fox body and Gen 1 Camaro was running and just covered it and been fine. Instead I
fabricated a legal, heavier and less aero effective "factory like" 70's Mustang type replica and "consumed" the bars into the
spoiler voids while mounting with a simple solvent weld. Absorbed into, not cut from. Not as effective but stronger and better
looking than a bill board. Kept it looking "real". NO MATERIAL IS REMOVED that gives either aero or weight advantage.

       Guess what. Illegal. The bars had to stay
visible (as proof?)...Part of the body I'm told. NOT, part of the fascia. At this
point I"m pretty ticked off. Two cars built, two cars rejected. Let me restate that. Two legal cars built, two legal cars rejected.
I built the second to "keep the peace" but peace isn't the Penrose goal. My body work must be to good.

       NOW it is public, I make it so,  and NOW Larry and Mike are livid. But we're not talking about the Probe OR the third
car, the 70 Mach 1...We are going to keep the focus on the Cowcatcher. Why?

       Because girls it isn't about a legal or illegal build. It isn't about the rules or justice or even fairness. Maybe it's about
GM loyalty. Maybe it's about "friends" of which I was not one of. Maybe I beat the house "PRO" one too many times. Maybe
they felt stupid.  
Maybe it's because I spanked a liar in public for dis genuine acts of treachery.

       Here's simple. The hinge statement has been, Larry's "Cheat if you have to if winning means that much" in his reply to
my "I can do this same build with or with out that bumper piece several grams lighter if that piece is your only objection".

       In other words he just admitted the car is legal??? Yea girls, that what that means!!! His mouth said "body cutting" was
the infraction. A lie of course but he can't make that stick if I can skin that cat identically another way. So now he calls "it"
illegal by any method "on the spot" and puts that on me. Labels me "cheater".  Tries anyway.

       Here's how it's done:
Crazy Horse
       Measure from ground to bumper lip lower edge. Using a settable balsa knife match that dimension and cut a strip of
.010" sheet styrene. Silly putty or Play-Dough a form to made a vertical reference. Glue with Acetone or MEK the strip to
the fascia below the accent strip. Give it 24 hours. A stick of two pack epoxy putty. Fill the area "in gray" and give it 24 more
hours. Use the new nose as a shape guide to mark out a template. Carve out a balsa nose to match that shape on the
outside. Two sided tape mounts it to the fascia. CA glue a Baltic Birch splitter plate that joins all three parts at the base.
Weight. Less than two grams total. Material, half that used in the SVO. Told ya you were going to hate it.

       Nothing about the Cowcatcher modification done this way is illegal by any definition of the rules yet it was considered
cheating before it was even demonstrated.

       No sir. This isn't about rules and it isn't about being made over not "keeping it in the house". That only means YOU
can't complain. They can be as vile as they please.

       You've heard me several times mention the "key players" cheated up cars after the fact (fact I was ban)?.YES is the
correct answer. Did I complain about there cheating before being ban? Nope, I worked harder to beat the cheats with legal
equipment and when I got it done...I was ban.
        Let's run this down:

       1.) Cheaters cheat and I don't complain. I work harder.
       2.) Cheaters cheat harder and I don't complain. I test harder.
       3.) I rebuild a few "list cars" that are cheated up that can't keep up and don't complain.
       4.) I build a Probe in hopes of replacing the SVO. They deem it "cheated up" before completion.
       5.) Cheaters ban the SVO AFTER passing tech inspection and three weeks of competition. Did I mention I was invited
via an attempt at humiliation to an empty slot? The old schoolyard "chicken"!!
It isn't like you can hide a cowcatcher is it?
I never hid the build. It was step by step right here.  

       6.) I complain publicly and start the third car (All parts, all cars bought at Penrose)
       7.) I get ban for refusing to lie in their behalf. Fine. I want this crap settled.
       8.) Throw down a $100 match race challenge and now the truth is known. THEY ALL DECLINED.

       Street Outlaws??? You got the fastest what in the 815?? You got noth'n.

       You didn't like the Cow?..Your going to hate Crazy Horse.