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  Cracked open a few more kits this past week for a look see. IMHO there are kits that just are not cut out for this duty and for
allot of different reasons. Weight, size, shape. A multitude of individual parts or panels to make the body. Areas and or spacing
for or around body mounts that actually work. That one is huge. Then there are other issues that past the good to go wand over
a kit like having enough strength in the mount area. Some body's look fine for space and interference until you fit the grill or a
bumper. Maybe as simple as a headlamp bucket. How the rear bumper is mounted as it concerns space of wheelie bar cut
outs. To make kit like that work it helps to be creative and patient. This Nova was an exercise in all of the above. All done it goes
together and comes apart slick but it took ever trick in the book to get it that way.

  If you are really a scale guy the choices get smaller yet. Example. You want a Hemi car and choose a Dart. This cars front
bumper is pretty high versus its rockers meaning a pretty good amount of wedge is needed to keep the car from becoming air
born. Interference from the rockers leading edge means a higher rear mount which leads to a higher gravity center and
instability NOT to mention it looses all scale appearance. I like Darts and I like the class concept. I do not like the fact they don't
reflect a car that could actually be driven or raced for that matter.

  Wheel well openings and body curl for tire clearance especially when a sidewinder is planned or enough vertical height inside
the rear openings for scale tire heights at a workable slot chassis ride height.

  The better I become at the paint and body thing the more I am embracing "scale" and the more difficult it is becoming to find
kits that allow this type of build and still be respectfully quick.

  Last issue has been a harping point for some time now and that is kit quality. As if it were not hard enough to find kits that are
workable dealing with holes and voids, warps and missing parts is almost a deal breaker.

  I have somewhere between 60 and 80 kits sitting on shelves that have been rejected for one reason above or another and a
least that many again that have already found their way to the compactor after failed forced attempts. I'm looking for about a
half dozen "special" cars for my box that meet my goals and it is becoming a challenge. This is beyond the Lexan Funny cars
and rail programs. Scale door cars that look right, sit right, drive right and not total dogs. Tall order it seems.

  Everyone of these rejected kits would make a slot car. No doubt about that. Just not with the effort I am willing to give
something that when done will require its mounting to destroy it's scale or render it ineffective as speed.  

  The 71 Duster in the inset is one such kit. Shouldn't be any harder than the Nova which reflects my upper limit of effort. That
said the body as seen weighs 40 grams. 6 more than the fully body Galaxie with radiator and trunk supports still in tact. 10
more raw than this Nova does trimmed out. It's the AMT ERTL kit and must be near .150" thick. Eh gads. The awful out of scale
windshield wipers I skillfully carved of it were a gram alone. Hideous but....workable and now in the caustic tank. Seems
scrubbing no longer gets it done when the injections contain release instead of the molds being sprayed with release. It's a

  Speaking of projects the Galaxie is in the next step and in black primer looking reasonable for the trouble its seen. Some
detail loss but will make a nice working piece for someone. Base work is solid.
Possibles...or not
       This 54 Delivery is one of the $10 barn finds. I was hoping the down the side shot would show off the "golden waves of
grain" look these very large and flat panels have. Heavy on the waves but this kit gets good marks for tooling and injection.
Good quality styrene was used. Injection lines are pronounced and will need some heavy attention. But, heavy this car is not
scaling in about 30 grams sans the back door but including hood and riser/spur. Killer hood hinge set up. This must be a
pretty old kit. Pit truck maybe? 348 Heroin head motor is too cool for school. Red will be a challenge. Bill board is cool.


     Anyone else see the first Indy Car race in St Pete? Dallara Indy Car has been shown the door. Chevy and Honda teams are
now free to play fully with the aero packages. Honda has a set up that has..get this...over ONE MILLION possible combinations
to exact perfection and UGLY...I saw these and laughed my best laugh in like forever...Cowcatchers look like Cindy Crawford
on her best day.

     See sports fans. Air hasn't an eye or a sense of style. It has works and doesn't work. If the same haters that ban the
Cowcatcher had a say, neither Chevy or Honda would have taken the track Sunday. Again proof that the stupidity born of  fear
of the unknown and hate is just plain old garden variety moron level ignorant. No wonder this hobbies elite level classes have
been parked in the "same ol, same old" forever.