Case in point is the car above. A total bootstrap project that saw several chassis
modifications, a few body's and
multiple motors. The chassis were all of the same basic structure, just refined as need arose. Body's, about a

dozen, were all this very same WRP Corvette Roadster. Many of which G. Greeby vacuum formed from a sample
and a few Paul drew wings for of various styles and sizes and both these fellows donated there materials and
efforts. BAD Racing was involved machining high speed dental spindle accurate type axle tubes and William Clark
with HS video, some carbon work and some machines built to test things like tires from ideas we brainstormed over
the phone.

      The motors for this car were all single mag and single layer. All but one a JK Products can and bell assembly.
Camen hardware and ceramic bearing upgrades. BAD made the most accurate motor tools from my prints I've ever
seen and they were the heart beat of this beast. Magnets started with Kenon silvers and ended with Emovendo
singles. Nope, KMR quads never we part of the mix. Early armatures were garbage picked and later arms sourced
through the antique inventories of Mid-America. Most were Proslot, one Camen. All were in steps of power starting
from the lowly S16C basic and the only C can to be used. Ceramic too! When the car sported a 5* angle winder of
WRP origins.

      Why no Raptor motors?
They didn't exist but that was the group of guys I tested with. No one but me was
SERIOUSLY building and tuning single mag UO-13 can motors. It was considered a DEAD HORSE. Been there,
done that, tossed it in the trash and moving on. REAL racers race double stack short can C motors and as I'm not a
real racer...well...how dare I.

      Funny that they are now the life blood of Neo slot motor racing. I'm not going to ever get credit for that and
frankly I don't care other that to say that it would have been nice to get a tip of the hat instead the end of the stick.
While RC boys had been stuffing Kenon singles in these cans for X-MOD cars for a good long while and Slotters
had given them a go the slot world gave up and never did do any serious platform development. Just me.  Only one
to give it a serious look and get major results. That got some heads turned and some low utters under the breath.

      It is true that Joe plain handed me the single best modification to the set up that was ever made. The front body
mount lay out is all Joe Chiechi. It is true Dave Pfaff coached me heavy on track prep and gluing up cars that leave
this hard. Roger was supportive to a point but thought it a lost cause.
He still donated.

      So yea there was help getting me past my areas of my ignorance but here is what NO ONE did. Develop the
motor packages I used that perfectly balanced current loads to magnet energy and gear to weights and grip. Set up.

 I used basic physics and math and developed some quick tool programs for Excel software to eliminate
hundreds of variables that these fellows eliminate by building those hundreds of variables and track testing.

      Pause on that thought a minute. I never had more than ONE motor in development at any given time and never
did more than minor "tweaks" to the first 25/25 turn bullet loaded to take it from .540's to .499 and did so
in just
three outings.

      Yes the car and that "package" had been worked for two years and nothing hotter that a 30/26 was ever loaded
in the car and that for just an few outings. Most of the cars bread and butter work was done with a 33/27 now in the
possession of Timmy Croslin.

       The haters story goes. "He took two plus years to get into the fours and wouldn't have made it without my tires
and my input".

       Truth is. It took only three tries after becoming personally satisfied I had a basic package capable of a 4 and
only then loading that motor for that attempt. BTW it was only an arm swap into the existing can.

       Haters say it was all track testing and other peoples efforts and blind pigs find nuts too.

       Truth is ALL motor development was sorted on the dyno and only gearing, aero and launch control were track
tuned. Other that blowing out a flange-less bearing no one EVER saw me change bullets or alter my "as it came to
the track" package. Mike Nap repaired it IN the car.  Yep I never touched a motor after loading it in the car at home.
Nothing, Nada, zip.

       Haters say this method does not work.

       Truth is..the feat has never been repeated by any other person or method.

       The truth is that the haters that ban and ridicule me are all using the KMR motor platform I developed. Who
copied who? Give that some thought. Every Raptor based class or car running this motor platform anywhere in the
world is running a motor the boneheads passed on and never gave a second look until the Vette busted the bubble
on Internet TV 02/12/2011. You saw it with your own eyes and still deny it?

       Last truth for ya. Not a single 25 turn Raptor ever made runs as hard as the KMR motor it owes it existence to.

       Ask yourself something. What is more important to your racing program. Being liked by people that hate you or
beating them at the track? It's just a question.

Kahale & Martin Research